Two Minute Bible – Without Excuse

Hopefully no one is planning on using the excuse that God is unknowable. Even creation itself reveals God. In this world where many are worshiping the creature rather than the Creator, there still will be no worldly excuse that will nullify sin on that day each of us stands before our Creator. Agnostics and atheists will stand before God too.

Since creation itself reveals there is a God who made it all, anyone who seeks him will find him. The problem is in seeking a god that we want to be in our image rather than understanding we are made in the image of God and must choose to serve him as he wills. The Gospel is actually quite simple, and Jesus was quite clear in John.14.6 that he is the only way.

Please forgive the abrupt lower volume beginning in the fourth scene. Remember, these videos were put on our heart to be unscripted with no fancy editing.

Two Minute Bible – Foggy Paths

A rainy foggy day in early December when it is usually much colder was perfect for discussing how things of this life can fog, obscure, cloud and darken the spiritual paths we are on if we let them. However, God’s word shines a light at our feet so we will not stumble and illuminates our path to see the obstacles ahead.