Old Tube Set Radio

Old tube radio with KDKA preset button.
Old tube radio with KDKA preset button.

I saw this old tube radio at a flea market. (Click image to see it full size.) It has a KDKA preset button. KDKA claims to be the first commercially licensed radio station with its first air date on November 2, 1920.

The man who had this radio at the flea market told me that it has been in his family for decades, but they are not the original owners.

The Gospel message goes out over radio waves that are picked up by receivers in countries where Christianity is illegal. The Internet is making the message even more available in places where you can be imprisoned, tortured and killed for preaching Jesus.

What is going to happen to this country where freedoms are vast and run deep in a people who are outright rejecting God and voting in government officials who are declaring sin both legal and perfectly acceptable?