Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?

That old saying that makes people wonder whether or not they are capable of changing basic parts of their personalities is stated well in the question of whether or not a leopard is capable of changing its spots. There is meaning in the question itself. The intent is that as unlikely as it is for a leopard to fundamentally change the appearance of its spots, so to human beings cannot alter basic parts of their personalities. Continue reading “Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?”

The Snow in the Bar Parking Lot Versus the Church Parking Lot

aarts_snow_copyright_2015[1]My wife and I were out for our daily walk. There was a couple of inches of snow on the ground that had begun falling the night before. The daylight was far spent, and the busyness of the daytime traffic was coming to an end. As we passed by a local drinking establishment, I noticed that the entry to the parking lot had the snow compressed under the weight of car tires that had entered the lot. The bar had seen a number of visitors by the time we passed by in the late afternoon. Continue reading “The Snow in the Bar Parking Lot Versus the Church Parking Lot”

Christian New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Secular New Year’s Resolutions may include things such as abstinence from alcohol or cessation of tobacco use. Christian New Year’s Resolutions may include more time spent in prayer or more time spent reading the bible. Both sets are noble. Some rather benign resolutions that kick off the New Year almost always include losing weight or at least eating healthier or exercising more. At least here in America, these resolutions are common. Some may be more serious and include setting goals for education, a job change or even a radical life change. Still, if we took an accounting in February, we would likely find a lot of resolutions not kept. Continue reading “Christian New Year’s Resolutions for 2015”

Two Minute Bible – Foggy Paths

A rainy foggy day in early December when it is usually much colder was perfect for discussing how things of this life can fog, obscure, cloud and darken the spiritual paths we are on if we let them. However, God’s word shines a light at our feet so we will not stumble and illuminates our path to see the obstacles ahead.

Two Minute Bible – The Lying Spirit

There is a lying spirit fixed over this land. You do not have to believe the lies. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus. This little video exposes the source behind the trouble in so many lives. For the world, the lying spirit is trying to convince them of hopelessness, to get them to engage in destructive behaviors and to commit horrendous acts of violence. All of this is done with the goal of getting people to end up in hell. In the church, the lying spirit is trying to destroy faith to render the church ineffective at the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel message. You DO NOT have to believe the lies!