Your Thoughts and How They Lead to Action or Inaction

I remember studying information about the human nervous system. I found it interesting to learn about the withdrawal reflex. It is a protective mechanism that engages when we do things such as touch a hot surface. When I touched my forearm against the side of a hot oven while retrieving a pizza, I did not have to think about pulling my arm away. The withdrawal reflex designed into my body took care of it. What is really interesting is that my brain did not really participate in pulling my arm away. It was my spine. Continue reading “Your Thoughts and How They Lead to Action or Inaction”

If You Are a Worrier, Read This!

I have no idea if anyone else has noticed or used this in teaching biblical principles before, but my wife pointed out something to me that was quite interesting. It was some time ago she did this, but I wrote it down on a piece of paper to not forget it. I discovered it again today when going through a stack of papers on my desk. It is really simple yet quite profound. Continue reading “If You Are a Worrier, Read This!”

Albert Barnes’ Definition of Faith

Though each theologian has their own issues with doctrinal differences, this quote from Albert Barnes’ “Notes on the Bible” seemed quite pertinent for people today who make a claim of having faith in God.

“In one word, faith is feeling and acting as if there were a God, a Saviour, a heaven, a hell; as if we were sinners and must die; as if we deserved eternal death and were in danger of it; and, in view of all, casting our eternal interests on the mercy of God in Christ Jesus. To do this is to be a Christian: not to do it is to be an infidel.” —Albert Barnes “Notes on the Bible” for Mark 16:16.

Alex Malarkey Sends Open Letter About Book “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” – Story of Dying and Going to Heaven

NOTE: Just a bit of cursory research into this incident yields a strong feeling that there is more to the dynamic of the Malarkey family that is not being made fully public. That is perfectly okay. Most of us are not reality TV stars and have no wish to air our private lives. Of note is the lack of information about Alex’s father in this unfolding story. This article is written with the intent of supporting and applauding Alex Malarkey in telling the truth. Understand, he apparently has tried to tell the truth to the public at large for a long time, but only got national attention after the Pulpit and Pen website published his short open letter about the situation.

Alex Malarkey is listed as coauthor of the book, “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.” His father, Kevin Malarkey, is listed as the other author. An NPR website news article reports that Alex sent out an open letter that was published by the Pulpit and Pen website recanting the story, indicating he made it up to get attention. Alex was just a little boy when the book was published. He is now 16.

Alex Malarkey is reported to have been in an automobile accident in 2004 when he was only 6 years old. It is also reported that he was in a coma for two months after the accident. After emerging from the coma, he told a story about going to heaven. I do not have the details of what actually led to Alex telling the story he did. Was it due to questions posed to him about his coma, or did he volunteer the information from the beginning? Regardless, Alex himself indicates he did it to get attention. Continue reading “Alex Malarkey Sends Open Letter About Book “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” – Story of Dying and Going to Heaven”

Life In A Cell Phone’s Contact List

My wife and I had our old cell phones for about four years. We replaced them with smartphones a little over a year ago for the whopping price of 98 cents each. The protective cases cost much more than the price of the phones under our two-year contract. Getting the prior generation of the phone model we wanted was far less expensive than going for the latest one.

With my interest in photography, I was immediately impressed with the photo and video capabilities of the cameras on our new smartphones. However, before playing with all of the cool features on our phones, we needed to transfer our contact lists from our old phones. We decided to do it manually, and in the process of transferring the information it stirred up a lot of memories for me. It made me realize how much has changed in our lives during the four years we had those old phones. Continue reading “Life In A Cell Phone’s Contact List”

Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?

That old saying that makes people wonder whether or not they are capable of changing basic parts of their personalities is stated well in the question of whether or not a leopard is capable of changing its spots. There is meaning in the question itself. The intent is that as unlikely as it is for a leopard to fundamentally change the appearance of its spots, so to human beings cannot alter basic parts of their personalities. Continue reading “Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?”

The Snow in the Bar Parking Lot Versus the Church Parking Lot

aarts_snow_copyright_2015[1]My wife and I were out for our daily walk. There was a couple of inches of snow on the ground that had begun falling the night before. The daylight was far spent, and the busyness of the daytime traffic was coming to an end. As we passed by a local drinking establishment, I noticed that the entry to the parking lot had the snow compressed under the weight of car tires that had entered the lot. The bar had seen a number of visitors by the time we passed by in the late afternoon. Continue reading “The Snow in the Bar Parking Lot Versus the Church Parking Lot”