Lucy Passed Away

Lucy Ann Alderson
Lucy Ann Alderson

I stayed next to Lucy last night. I didn’t think that she would make it. I awoke in the morning after many times of awakening throughout the night to find that Lucy had left her body. She was still warm as I gave her old worn out cancer ridden body a last hug.

Unless you knew Lucy you would not understand the profound grief that my wife and I are going through. Lucy was like an old grandmother who kept us all together on the right track as a family.

She would not let anyone be unhappy. She would stay in my face—literally—until I let a bad mood go. She would stand there and dance with her tail wagging until I straightened up my thinking. Bad days, tough times, no money, poor health, none of it was an excuse to be feeling bad. Lucy would just smile a doggy smile, make her grumbling noises, and wag and wag that tail until I came around to her way of thinking.

Once I was happy again she would go pick a comfy spot and settle in for a rest until she detected a sad spirit, or if that nose or those ears detected any sort of food. A cracker, a potato chip, a piece of banana, a wedge of an orange, a good girl treat, a piece of fried zucchini, it was all good to “da Goose!”

Gone from this world, but never forgotten. We will see you again Lucy. And we love you very much. Thank you for being a good girl.

Our Goosey Girl Is Sick

Lucy who is also called Goose, Goosey, Gooster, Scoobs, Pickle Butt, Lunch Lady Goose, and a whole bunch of other good names is really sick. She was a big part of our website that we had from the beginning of Alderson Arts.

I don’t know how much time she has left. I do know that God can heal her. I do not know if He will.

I could write a post that would be the size of an encyclopedia in its length if I were to share with you the wonderful things da Goose has done for us. All I can write now is that it hurts inside really bad to see her so sick.

Lucy Ann Alderson