Super Bowl XLV Problems

Being from southwestern Pennsylvania we are Steeler fans. That is to put it mildly. The fans who couldn’t get into the Super Bowl who had tickets was just wrong. Of course there is going to be a problem when fans are sold tickets for seats that do not yet exist. The powers that be apparently hoped that the seats would be installed before game time but they weren’t. A tiny disclaimer on the back of the Super Bowl ticket warns that one may not get the seat they bought. That would be an understatement.

The NFL and others who claim responsibility for the seats that tickets were sold, but where no seat was actually physically installed, have agreed to provide different things to appease the insulted and disgusted fans. Everything from three times the face value of the tickets to tickets to next year’s Super Bowl have been offered.

Three times face value is not enough for someone who bought plane tickets, booked a room, lost vacation time at work, paid more than face value for their ticket for a chance of a lifetime, and who had the expected experience of the Super Bowl denied them. However, my wife has come up with a great idea that might be appealing to the fans who flew across the country to not have a seat at the game.

My wife suggested that the actual Super Bowl expenses be covered and the league also plan a get-together for the fans to have a day with their team. Okay, maybe not the whole team, but the fan favorites. Pay for their flights and rooms. Have the event at an undisclosed location with limited media access. After all, this one will be all about the fans. The players will volunteer their day and evening. The fans get a dinner with the players, a meet-and-greet, and for once, a no hassle chance at autographs.

The league, players, stadium and others involved that permitted the fiasco to occur need to step up and do the right thing. Hey, I don’t have a problem that my wife and I won’t be invited. We weren’t going to the Super Bowl anyway. We don’t have that kind of money. The fans that did try to make it out to support the Steelers and the Packers need to have the NFL and all involved make it right by the fans who did not have seats to go with their Super Bowl tickets. It’s only a few hundred fans. It’s not that hard of a thing to pull off.

I tell you what, my wife and I volunteer to bring warm towels for the players who get a cramp signing autographs at the makeup event for the fans who got turned away at the Super Bowl. This is a multi-billion dollar business. Who do the NFL and the players think are the ones that pays for all of it? It’s us—the ones who go to games, buy NFL products, and are patrons of the sponsors. Do the right thing.

Easy Homesteading Start

I don’t have any pictures to go along with this entry, and I know folks just really like pictures. However, this is an easy read and won’t take too long.

There are lots of us who want to become more self-sufficient. We want to know that we can produce for ourselves. It actually is less expensive and much less time consuming to just go out and buy most of our food from the store. However, the cost does depend on the food items, where we are located geographically in this Great Land, and the season.

To just grow a plot of green beans and can them for use during the non-growing season would be a considerable investment in time and materials. Even if we got the seeds for free and planted them in an existing garden, the cost for canning equipment can make the beans more costly than ones already canned at the store.

Infrastructure for homesteading should be acquired over time. Most of it is skills, but there are some tools and consumer products that we can’t produce ourselves that make homesteading viable. Whereas our long dead ancestors may have made every implement from the containers to the tools used to acquire and preserve food, we need to buy some things such as canning jars for the food and shovels for the garden.

That stuff costs money. Money may be tight. It often can be for the person who is seriously considering becoming more self-sufficient. This quandary may cause some to just give up and have to settle for what I call “cheap commercial.” That is falling into having to settle for lower quality, less expensive foods at the store in order just to eat. I’ll be honest. When I lost my so-called day-job that provided the steady income and health insurance, we took a hit on the quality of food we are able to buy. Growing my own vegetables now sounds much more appealing than it ever did.

You don’t have to have a fortune to get started homesteading. I’m asking everyone who reads this to at least plant a tomato plant this spring. Even if you can’t stand tomatoes, you can be sure there is a neighbor or friend who really likes them. Even planting one tomato plant in a sunny spot can yield a bunch of fruit. Plant one in a five gallon bucket with a hole in the bottom for drainage. Stick it in a sunny spot and be disciplined about watering it. You will get a little taste of the fruits of homesteading and the discipline and labor it requires. Commitment will become evident in how well the tomato plant does.

Lucy Passed Away

Lucy Ann Alderson
Lucy Ann Alderson

I stayed next to Lucy last night. I didn’t think that she would make it. I awoke in the morning after many times of awakening throughout the night to find that Lucy had left her body. She was still warm as I gave her old worn out cancer ridden body a last hug.

Unless you knew Lucy you would not understand the profound grief that my wife and I are going through. Lucy was like an old grandmother who kept us all together on the right track as a family.

She would not let anyone be unhappy. She would stay in my face—literally—until I let a bad mood go. She would stand there and dance with her tail wagging until I straightened up my thinking. Bad days, tough times, no money, poor health, none of it was an excuse to be feeling bad. Lucy would just smile a doggy smile, make her grumbling noises, and wag and wag that tail until I came around to her way of thinking.

Once I was happy again she would go pick a comfy spot and settle in for a rest until she detected a sad spirit, or if that nose or those ears detected any sort of food. A cracker, a potato chip, a piece of banana, a wedge of an orange, a good girl treat, a piece of fried zucchini, it was all good to “da Goose!”

Gone from this world, but never forgotten. We will see you again Lucy. And we love you very much. Thank you for being a good girl.

Our Goosey Girl Is Sick

Lucy who is also called Goose, Goosey, Gooster, Scoobs, Pickle Butt, Lunch Lady Goose, and a whole bunch of other good names is really sick. She was a big part of our website that we had from the beginning of Alderson Arts.

I don’t know how much time she has left. I do know that God can heal her. I do not know if He will.

I could write a post that would be the size of an encyclopedia in its length if I were to share with you the wonderful things da Goose has done for us. All I can write now is that it hurts inside really bad to see her so sick.

Lucy Ann Alderson