Two Minute Bible – The Lying Spirit

There is a lying spirit fixed over this land. You do not have to believe the lies. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus. This little video exposes the source behind the trouble in so many lives. For the world, the lying spirit is trying to convince them of hopelessness, to get them to engage in destructive behaviors and to commit horrendous acts of violence. All of this is done with the goal of getting people to end up in hell. In the church, the lying spirit is trying to destroy faith to render the church ineffective at the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel message. You DO NOT have to believe the lies!

Halloween and the Bible

There are plenty of detailed discourses about Halloween and whether or not the Bible says it is okay for Christians to celebrate it. Surprisingly, there is still a mixed opinion. Rather than address the history of the holiday, I would like to just point out a few Bible verses to get people thinking.

Before listing the Bible verses, I want to mention that I know some Christians who allow their children participate in Trick or Treat celebrations, and I know others who would not even entertain the idea. I have heard of churches who have altered the event to become a “Trunk or Treat” celebration. This is where church members decorate the trunks of cars and back ends of SUVs and trucks according to different themes. The vehicles typically park in the church parking lot, and the kids go from vehicle to vehicle to get a treat. There is even a website devoted to the idea that shows pictures all kinds of creatively decorated vehicles. Churches usually discourage scary decorating themes, so you are likely to see everything from Biblical themes to popular children’s movie themes. The adults handing out the treats often dress in character according to the decorative theme they chose.

Is it safer than going door to door in the neighborhood? With how well most of us know our neighbors now, and being that Trunk or Treat is likely to be a much more controlled environment, I would say it is most likely safer. However, does that make it appropriate? I am not telling, I am asking. On a fundamental level is it appropriate to simply alter how an event is celebrated to make it acceptable? Is not this one of the founding tenets of an entire denomination who simply renamed and altered how pagan festivals were celebrated when the celebrants converted to Christianity?

I would ask that you consider the following passages from the Bible to decide whether or not it is appropriate to celebrate Halloween in any manner from its original form to its diluted version celebrated by the masses today.

Isaiah 8:19 NIV. Deuteronomy 18:10-13 NIV. Deuteronomy 18:20-22 NIV. 2Kings 21:6 NIV. Acts 19:18-20 NIV. 1Thessalonians 5:22.

Two Minute Bible – You Will Serve God’s Purpose Either Willingly or Unwillingly

You cannot get away from the fact that you can either serve God willingly, or you can be used to fulfill his purpose even if you deny God’s existence or are indifferent. King Nebuchadnezzar is an example of a Babylonian king who did not believe in or follow the Hebrew God. Then he was shown by God where his power and kingly authority really came from. Did you know that King Nebuchadnezzar actually wrote part of Daniel chapter four in the Holy Bible?

Old Tube Set Radio

Old tube radio with KDKA preset button.
Old tube radio with KDKA preset button.

I saw this old tube radio at a flea market. (Click image to see it full size.) It has a KDKA preset button. KDKA claims to be the first commercially licensed radio station with its first air date on November 2, 1920.

The man who had this radio at the flea market told me that it has been in his family for decades, but they are not the original owners.

The Gospel message goes out over radio waves that are picked up by receivers in countries where Christianity is illegal. The Internet is making the message even more available in places where you can be imprisoned, tortured and killed for preaching Jesus.

What is going to happen to this country where freedoms are vast and run deep in a people who are outright rejecting God and voting in government officials who are declaring sin both legal and perfectly acceptable?