How We Got Started

Alderson Arts is owned and operated by Cody and Tina Alderson. It has evolved over the years to include the Expound! ministry. Originally, Cody and Tina worked as a team providing secular online content. Alderson Arts has developed content for different websites. The first breakthrough into this industry was writing content for a nutrition website about food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies. Cody has had a strong interest in the sciences since childhood.

The next breakthrough into providing content for the online marketplace was seven years contributing one feature article per week to a major website that offered an average audience of 95,000 readers every week. We also developed some print content for this outlet as well. In that seven years Cody wrote over a million words for that online media outlet, but at the prompting of the Lord, he gave it up.

A few years ago Cody’s former pastor and best friend for decades, who was now involved in evangelistic and missions work, discussed building a website for his ministry. Alderson Arts established the website, advising that fresh content is crucial to keep people coming back. Cody still writes original biblical teaching articles for that website. Later, a pastor in another community asked about making a website for his church. They were paying a company at the time to post church website updates for them, but they had the complaint of not being able to get things posted in a timely manner. Cody developed a new site for the church, but there was not enough content available on a regular basis. This caused the website to languish.

Fast forward, and Cody and Tina’s pastor expressed a desire to develop a website for the church. Knowing that fresh content is crucial to any website’s success, Cody and Tina developed a blog style website using the WordPress content management system, making the site easy for trained volunteers to maintain.

New people began attending the church, mentioning they had found it through the website. This was a huge encouragement to Cody and Tina to keep developing fresh content for the church website to keep people coming back to read and learn more. Cody has a calling from God on his life to teach, making biblical content development a natural and desirable work. Tina manages editing content for publication, is the camera operator for video productions, and manages posting of content to client websites.

The Lord put it on Cody’s heart to provide content to churches and ministries that they could post on their own websites. He felt led to provide sound biblical teaching articles that cover every Christian topic and to deal with both the milk and the meat of the word as appropriate. At the same time Cody began thinking about how to accomplish this work the Lord was prompting him to do, Tina mentioned her thoughts about a ministry they could do that would also help provide for them. It was the same business! This is how we got started with this work.

A church or ministry website that is not regularly updated gets very few visitors. However, exclusive professional website content is out of reach for many church budgets, and paying to manage a website is also out of reach for many small churches. The plan was to provide training to churches and ministries to manage their own websites and to provide  shared content to the majority of churches who need fresh articles for their websites with the option to purchase exclusive content as needed.

Shared content gets shared across many web domains. Since churches and ministries are not heavily reliant on SEO, shared content is not an issue. (See our POST about shared church and ministry content.) A church in Oregon that gets the same article for their website as a small ministry in Pennsylvania does for their website is not going to suffer any SEO issues due to the duplicate content. This model would not work for competing retail companies seeking to reach the top of search engine result pages for keywords and keyword phrases associated with their industry. However, it works fine for churches and ministries that want a website that stays active with fresh content on a regular basis.

Facts About Cody and Tina Alderson

Any church or ministry relying on someone to provide biblical content should know who is writing those articles. The following is a brief biography of Cody and Tina’s history in Jesus.

Cody asked about God when he was about 10 years old. His mother knew a neighbor lady who believed in Jesus as her Savior, and she asked her to talk to Cody to help answer his questions. She told him he needed to give his heart to the Lord. Cody remembers being on the couch in his parent’s living room and asking Jesus to come into his heart. However, there was no instruction provided after that—no discipleship training at all.

He went on his own to a church across the street from his childhood home. He remembers the pastor or other church leader explaining to him the rules for membership at the church. He attended a couple of services, but had no discipleship training. Years went by with him knowing who Jesus is, but not following through with real service to the Lord.

At about 18 he met his first pastor who became his best friend. Cody rededicated his life to the Lord, was water baptized and later received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He spent five years learning at the church, and it was there that he received the calling on his life to teach. A difficult time occurred after his pastor and friend moved away, and Cody fell away from the church for some time. The Lord was gracious and kept him alive, continually calling him back into the service he was given to do. Cody began attending university to teach biology at a secondary education level. He knew he was a teacher, and was struggling with what to teach.

He married Tina in 1993. Like Cody, she had believed in Jesus as a young child but did not know who he really is until she began to learn God’s word.  Tina was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in April of 2005. With their world upended, Cody knew where they had to turn, and that was back to the Lord. One of the first calls Cody made was to his longtime friend and former pastor.

Tina was declared cancer free on her birthday in 2006. Four days later their beloved dog Lucy, thought to have a broken leg, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given two to four months to live. Though it may seem odd to some, Lucy was the catalyst for Tina and Cody beginning to serve the Lord with a full commitment. There was no turning back. They drew a line in the sand. Cody begins each day with a prayer that starts, “This is the day you have made Lord. Not only this day of Salvation but the very day itself. Me and my house choose to serve you this day.”

Of course, this is the short version of a lifetime that has now spanned over five decades for Cody and over two decades of marriage to his helpmeet Tina. The Spirit of discernment will guide any church or ministry wondering if Alderson Arts church or ministry website content is right for them. Prayer will reveal God’s will. However, the desire is to at least declare some fundamentals of who Cody and Tina Alderson are.

At Alderson Arts . . .

  • We believe in the Trinity of the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in salvation by faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his bodily resurrection.
  • We believe in the Baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • We believe in tithing and offerings above the tithe.
  • We do believe in miraculous healing.
  • We do not drink alcohol.
  • We do not use tobacco.
  • We do not participate even in mild profanity.
  • We believe in modesty.
  • We believe that it is the responsibility of all believers to carry out the Great Commission.
  • We believe that all believers are responsible for doing what they can to help all who are disadvantaged in any way.
  • We believe in doing good unto others, especially those who are of the household of faith.

Yes, this short version is inadequate to tell the whole story. However, it is hoped that you get an idea of who we are at Alderson Arts and the work we are trying to do for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.