Expound Radio

The Expound Internet Radio show is not currently producing new shows, but you may listen to any of the archived episodes. The reason we stopped was due to funds to continue. The Lord will provide when he wants us to continue this ministry.

We have an Internet radio show at Blog Talk Radio. You are invited to listen.

Check the site for the next scheduled live show.

Important Note About BlogTalk Ads: Alderson Arts has no control over the advertising Blog Talk Radio uses until such time that we may become a fully sponsored show. Therefore, if an ad pops up that seems contrary to what we stand for, we are both unaware of them and not in control of them. So far we have not heard any reports of advertisements being shown or played during our shows that seem odd for a Christian ministry. If you see or hear any, please let us know. If we can become a fully sponsored show, then we control the advertising.

Listen to internet radio with Expound by Alderson Arts on BlogTalkRadio