Church Website Content and Rate Plans

Church Website Content

We provide fresh church and ministry website content nationwide.

Your church or ministry website is an outreach tool. Do not let it falter due to sporadic posting of fresh content. Like newspapers, magazines and even episodic television series, visitors to church or ministry websites expect to find new information on a regular basis. Newspapers or magazines that were never updated with new information would fail quickly. No one would watch TV shows that showed the same episode every time they aired, and the pews would empty if pastors preached the exact same word-for-word message every week. However, a major hurdle for churches and ministries that have a web presence is the provision of fresh content. Alderson Arts and our own Expound! ministry are the solution to church and ministry website content needs.

Cody S. Alderson has a calling of God on his life to teach the Bible. He has been writing most of his life beginning with works of fiction in grade school to working professionally as a contributor to a major secular website for seven years. He was not sure what to do about combining the call on his life and his passion for writing until feeling led by God to provide affordable website content for church and ministry websites. His wife, Tina, helped confirm this when she began talking about the exact same business idea at the same time he was having thoughts about it. You can read the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

Alderson Arts provides regular Christian teaching articles that are soundly based on scripture. From two to seven new articles per week, we have rates to fit any church budget. Each article is a result of prayer, leading of the Holy Spirit and regular study. Every article is professionally edited. Feature images are provided when appropriate. Some specialty articles include photography or video segments developed and produced by Alderson Arts.

Alderson Arts will keep your church or ministry website active with fresh content. There is no commitment to any term contract. You pay only for what you have received, and you can stop at any time. You keep the right to retain website use of content you already purchased.

Shared Church and Ministry Website Content Rates

For samples of our shared content articles, click HERE to go back to the Home page. Scroll down and read the article entries on our website’s blog or choose by categories or tags.

Shared content articles are shared across multiple church and ministry websites. The same articles are provided on a scheduled basis to all shared content clients at the rates indicated below. Please read this POST on our website about shared content.

BUDGET CONTENT RATE – $30.00 per month provides 2 shared articles per week. That gets you 8 articles per month at only $3.75 per article!

STANDARD CONTENT RATE – $45.00 per month provides 5 shared articles per week. That gets you 20 articles per month at only $2.25 per article!

PREMIUM CONTENT RATE – $60 per month provides 5 shared articles per month and 4 (one per week) personal church or ministry website updates. A designated contact who will provide information and photos (as necessary) for personal updates is absolutely required. Personal updates are church and ministry specific. An example might be a professionally written website post about a baptism or other special service. Personal website updates may be community events sponsored by the church or ministry, or they may be updates of milestones or special achievements of the church or ministry, personnel or parishioners. The designated contact provides basic information by phone or email and a photo (if necessary) so our staff can prepare the personal website updates. These updates are great for increasing SEO for your church or ministry website.

Domain Name Policy – Each monthly rate is for posting shared content on one web domain only. We do consider the web domain name as the string of characters in the name before the dot com, dot org and others. Therefore, if your church or ministry redirects from dot org to dot com or others, we will consider that a single domain. If separate websites are maintained at the different dot com/dot org and other names, it will be considered multiple domains. For example, “” and “” would be considered one domain if both URLs point to the same website content pages.

Exclusive Church and Ministry Website Content

If your church or ministry would benefit from exclusive website content not shared with other clients, our exclusive church website content rate may interest you. The content is researched, prepared and written exclusively for a single church or ministry client for website publishing only. Rates are adjustable based on article length. A standard 1,500 to 2,000 word article takes approximately 15 man hours to complete including research and editing. Exclusive content is for a single domain name (see Domain Name Policy above).


PRINT RIGHTS FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – $20 per 100 copies (.02 cents per copy over 100) printed by churches or ministries for single article inclusion in church bulletins or as handouts. $50 per 1000 (.05 cents per email or mass mailing over 1000) when included in mass mailings or email campaigns. Rights for magazine and books are entirely separate and negotiable. NOTE: Limited quoting of articles is permitted in printed materials when used to promote the organization’s website where the article is published. Exclusive content will never be shared on another website or printed for sale to another website client by Alderson Arts. However, print rights for exclusive church and ministry website content remains limited. Printing is considered by Alderson Arts to be a different route of publication than online posted content, and therefore has quite different licensing.

How Content is Posted to Church and Ministry Websites

Each client chooses to receive articles and images by email or we will post directly to websites on a scheduled basis. Any video segments will include a link to our Expound! YouTube Channel. Alderson Arts requires login credentials for us to post directly to websites. Websites that permit scheduling of updates may have articles posted on the weekends. Websites that only accept immediate posting of updates will have all content posted on weekdays only. No live posting will be done on holidays. Advanced scheduled posting is preferable for holiday posts. WordPress based sites and other websites that use similar content management software make advanced scheduling of website content easy. If your church does not yet have a website and would like one that is easy to operate by volunteers, please click HERE.

Byline Policy

Each website posted article will include a copyright symbol or the word “copyright”, date and the author’s name with a link back to or other associated domain that we own. The byline must appear with posted and printed content. Neither shared nor exclusive website content for churches and ministries is ghost written for use by another person, legal entity or pen name to claim authorship. Please contact us if you need something written that you will publish in your own name. Publishing content created by Alderson Arts under a different name is a completely different licensing agreement than our standard content licensing for web/limited print rights. An example of the necessary byline appears below.

©2016 Cody S. Alderson AldersonArts


You pay for what you receive. Shared content is billed monthly, based on Budget, Standard or Premium content rates.
We accept secure payments through PayPal or by checks written on business, church or ministry accounts.
All Rates Are United States Currency.

Refund Policy

No advance payments are necessary, so no refund policy is necessary for shared content.
Exclusive content may require a non-refundable deposit to set aside the development time for the content. This non-refundable deposit is usually $25. The deposit is waived for regular clients with a good payment history.


Alderson Arts reserves the right to accept or decline clients or to end a relationship with a client at our discretion at any time without any advanced notice. All former clients retain rights to content they have already paid for as established in our content usage policy in perpetuity. That is, the content may remain on the client website as long as the client wishes, and limited print rights will still be paid as indicated in our limited print right policy. The reason for this notice is that we take writing biblical teaching articles very seriously, and we will not participate in the word of God or Christian living being mishandled or misrepresented in any way. The bible says that we shall know them by their fruits. This is how we will determine our relationship with our clients, and it is how it is expected they will determine their relationship with us. Together we can share the Gospel with the world through solid biblical content being posted on church and ministry websites. Together we can work to prevent the perishing of God’s people due to the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).