I Will Give Them Clean Water – Expound! Jesus Well Campaign

We started a campaign to build a Jesus Well through Gospel for Asia.

Please Click Here to Visit Our Jesus Well Campaign Page

Before starting the campaign to raise $1,400 to build a fresh water well in an impoverished Asian village I contacted Gospel for Asia asking them how the money is used. Below is a copy of the email I received in response to my questions.

Dear Cody,

Thank you so much for being a part of Gospel for Asia and your heart for the lost.

Thank you also for your question about donations going to the field. When a gift is given for a particular area of the ministry that is field related, 100% of that money goes to the field. For example, all donations for missionary sponsorship, child sponsorship, Bible printing, Jesus Wells, etc. will be sent to the field. This includes any gifts from the Christmas Catalog.

Each project has a separate fund, for example, Jesus Wells has a fund and 100% of what is designated toward Jesus Wells goes here. This fund is used exclusively to drill Jesus Wells. The field actually purchases the gifts and gives the gift directly to the person vs. giving the families money to purchase the specific gift.

When someone gives a gift to “Where most needed,” some of that money may be used to help cover administrative costs in the U.S., and some may go to the field. In addition, our home team staff who serve in the U.S. office raise their own support to help keep administrative costs low. In everything we do, we seek to be good stewards of the Lord’s resources.

I hope this helps answer your questions! If you have any further questions, please be sure to let us know. You are a blessing!

In His service for the unreached,

GFA Donor Services
Gospel for Asia
1116 St. Thomas Way
Wills Point, TX 75169

When we learned that 100% of the funds given go to the projects go toward the projects, we felt we should get started on seeking help to build at least one Jesus Well immediately.

Would you be financially devastated if you lost $5? If not, then why not give $5 you have not lost to provide clean water to those who are drinking dirty water to survive? Visit our Jesus Well campaign at https://www.mygfa.org/71x/.