Hollywood’s Newest Interpretation of Noah

You might want to read “Sympathy for the Devil” by Dr. Brian Mattson before going to see “Noah.”


It is highly unlikely that there has ever been any Hollywood movie about biblical topics that was 100 percent biblical. Seriously, how likely is it that Jesus looks like James Caviezel in the “The Passion of the Christ” movie or Diogo Morgado in “The Bible” TV miniseries and “Son of God” movie? The success of biblical movies and shows has drawn the attention of Hollywood, but as usual the real meaning behind the success is lost. People are hungry to know God. It is in our DNA (Genesis 1:26-27). However, only those who know God, those who know salvation through the shed blood of Jesus, those who know the word of God (the Bible) are going to be able to create movies and TV shows about biblical concepts that even come close to satisfying this hunger to know God.

It is by no stretch of the imagination to see that there are going to be movies released in these times that will make an attempt to be biblical but fail miserably. As of this writing we have “God’s Not Dead” and “Noah” playing at the same time in theaters. “God’s Not Dead” is a positive movie of hope that directly speaks of Jesus as being the Christ. It talks plainly about what it takes to be saved. It is a winner as far as Christians are concerned when it comes to faith-based movies. “Noah” is not even touted as being biblical. Rather, it is being referred to by those involved in the project as an interpretation of the story from the bible that uses a lot of interpretive license. However, it seems that there is more going on behind the scenes of the movie than meets the eye. Is it downright Satanic in origin and intent? Is there an ungodly motive of the director/writer and other creative minds behind the movie’s inception?

Dr. Brian Mattson explains quite a bit about what he saw when he went to a viewing of the movie “Noah.” An article he wrote on his blog is quite revealing. The details mentioned in the article are discoverable through personal study. Though the exact doctrine of Dr. Mattson is not known by us (part of his education was at a Presbyterian theological seminary), his treatment of what he saw in the movie “Noah” is quite interesting. The title of his blog post about the movie “Noah” is aptly titled “Sympathy for the Devil.”