Walmart Finally Figures Out It Isn’t Target

According to a news story in The Wall Street Journal, Walmart is bringing back guns, fishing rods and fabric that it had stopped selling.  When the big remodel was going on with the black shelves replacing the standard beige ones, and the signage switching to bright oranges and greens, I could see that Wally World was trying to mimic Target.

I knew it was a bad idea back then, but who am I to argue with billions of dollars? It’s funny how little old me who isn’t on the board at Walmart saw the decline of the giant retailer coming long before even they did. It comes down to a simple lesson in nature that a fox shouldn’t try to be a rabbit.

Since I could plainly see that the retailer, who was second in the nation in employment only to the US Government, was going to slip, I’m now offering my consulting service to other multi-billion dollar industries. Just kidding.

Actually I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to see what is going on around me in detail. There is no random occurrence. We just don’t know all of the variables to plug into an equation. There is so much to see if you just look.

2 Replies to “Walmart Finally Figures Out It Isn’t Target”

  1. My understanding is that at the time all this “crap” was happening, there were some former Target upper management that had been placed on the Walmart Board of Directors. Walmart finally woke up and ran them off and resumed their former “self”.

    1. That makes a lot of sense. I was wondering why, all of a sudden, every Walmart I was going into was beginning to look like Target from the black shelving to the bright colors of the signs.

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