A Valuable Emerald

I was talking to my friend Frank Menhart Jr. today. He is a minister of the Gospel and was on his way to northern Pennsylvania to preach tomorrow. I was telling him how I took the emerald out of an old ring my wife and I bought for my mom a very long time ago. My mom passed away in 2007. She really liked jewelry whether it was real or costume.

It is unlikely that anyone would ever wear the ring again so I took out the emerald to use in a future painting that I haven’t painted yet. Artwork to me has more value than the ring. The stone of the ring had more value to me than the metal that held the stone. The stone holds more value because it is my mom’s birthstone. Even more so because it is a Chatham emerald.

Chatham emeralds are not naturally occurring gemstones. They are created in a lab. It is a real emerald, just created in a lab. They typically have more clarity. They are grown at about a rate of 1 millimeter per month on a colorless beryl seed crystal. That kind of stuff is right up my alley of interest. So having a lab created emerald that my mom cherished has value to me. Having it become part of artwork that I will create just adds to the value.

However, no object has eternal value. None of it will go with me when I die. The only thing that will go with me is the meaning behind the value that I have attributed to things. The real value is in the relationship. The real value is in the memories. The object is a token that prompts the recall of memories. Artwork is an expression of established memories.

Eternal value is what I seek now. There is value in my faith in Christ. I have a hope and a future. I am eternally established with God through what Jesus did for me on the cross. Where and in what do your values rest?