How We Treat Sally’s Fungated (Erupted) Cancer Wound on Her Foot

Sally’s tumor on her foot broke the skin when it grew too large. She was not a candidate for surgery to remove it because of its location and the need to remove all of the tumor and even more tissue to have clear margins. Amputation was what was recommended, but that would not work for Sally. We believe she would have never walked again if we chose that route for her treatment.

Instead, we chose to let it grow and then just keep it bandaged. She was already 12 when it began growing, and she also has end-stage kidney disease. The tumor has not diminished her mobility even when it erupted. However, her kidney disease is wearing her down. Lucy made it 13 months with a huge fungated wound on her left shoulder.

We just want others with pets to see how that with a few minutes and some simple  supplies almost anyone can help keep a fungated cancer wound on a dog from becoming infected. Follow your own veterinarians advice for treating your animals. This is just what worked for us in this unique situation. Be advised we do not represent ourselves to be anything other than pet parents who love our animals and do the best that we can to care for them. This should not be construed as medical advice. It is just to show that there are options to euthanasia.

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  1. I just loved how, after showing and talking about how you care for/keep clean and medicated, the cancer wound on her foot, you showed Sally on her leash in the beautiful, quiet-except-for-bird-calls, park/lake area. In seeing how she took interest and pleasure –as all dogs do when not in pain, whether young or old, in sickness or in health — in these natural surroundings, you showed without words, and reminded me of, the blessing that being alive can be experienced as, whether human or dog, again, when not in pain. May I ask if you have a ministry and if so, in what state you are located?

    1. Thank you for the kind message. We are in southwestern Pennsylvania. Expound! and the website along with some Two Minute Bible video segments are our only public ministry at this time.

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