Sally Still Being Sally

Sally in better health back in June of 2010.
Sally in better health back in June of 2010.

Sally is older and skinnier.  She is still our little girl even though she is an old lady according to her doggy years. She will be 13 this December! I remember when we brought her home.  Her bigger sisters (Lucy and Amy) were not pleased. We thought we would have to take her back for her own safety. Even though we were not walking in God’s will for our lives at the time, we prayed that they would accept her. The very next day the big girls were okay with little floppity-eared Sally taking up space in their house and eating their food.

Soon, they began to protect her. When we moved to a place where we fenced in the yard, the girls all had a great time outdoors. If a stranger was walking by, the big girls would keep Sally behind them as they faced the potential threat. Lucy has given Sally a shove backward a time or two, letting her know her place. The fenced-in area seemed small for our big dogs. Now, it seems big with skinny old Sally just going out to do her business and maybe walk the perimeter of the fence line, sampling a blade of grass or two.

We do not know how much time she has left. None of us know that about anyone, not even ourselves. I know God made us in his image. The bible is clear on that. However, keep in mind that animals were made first. God tells us that we are more valuable than many sparrows too. However, the word also points out in Ecclesiastes 3:19 that my human flesh is going to die the same as animals. Job 12:10 lets me know that all life is in God’s hands.

I am not arrogant to say that pets who pass absolutely are or are not in heaven. The bible does not say one way or the other. That is because the bible is for us, not them. Sally is not in need of Salvation. It is us who have sin. It is us who are in need of Grace provided by Jesus (John 14:6). Would it not be an incredible sadness if pets are waiting in heaven to be reunited with their human family who never arrives?