If You Are a Worrier, Read This!

I have no idea if anyone else has noticed or used this in teaching biblical principles before, but my wife pointed out something to me that was quite interesting. It was some time ago she did this, but I wrote it down on a piece of paper to not forget it. I discovered it again today when going through a stack of papers on my desk. It is really simple yet quite profound.

Worrier or Warrior?

Changing two letters completely transforms the word as well as its meaning. We are supposed to be warriors fighting this spiritual warfare against Satan and all he stands for. We are not supposed to be worriers.

2 Timothy 1:7
Ephesians 610-17
2 Timothy 2:1-4

In fact, read both of the letters written by Paul to Timothy. That young pastor was called of God to do a mighty work. He had some issues with worrying, timidity and other things. However, Paul considered him as his own son in the faith (1 Timothy 1:2), gently teaching him the truth of the power and authority Timothy had in Christ. Read those words from Paul to Timothy and apply the lessons to yourself.